Nov 28
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#5 | JD Bergman with inTeam

Welcome to episode 5 of Grow Like A Pro! A show all about learning how to achieve your goals and dreams as a business owner. Learn growth tips and hear success stories from entrepreneurs from all walks of life as they teach YOU how to grow like a pro.

In our fifth episode, Jason and Adam are joined by JD Bergman of inTeam as he discusses his journey of becoming a world-class wrestler, actor, sports broadcaster, and founder of inTeam – an inspirational social media platform sharing short videos focused on encouraging people and helping overcome their challenges.

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The Grow Like a Pro podcast was created to provide tips, tools, and techniques to help people like you grow like a pro. The show is hosted by Adam Bankhurst and Jason Fleagle, and we release our episodes weekly every Thursday at 6AM. You can email us at

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